1. All event centers must hold a valid license of Lagos State Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture prior to holding of any event at the centre.
  2. All event centers must be duly registered and verified on the Lagos State Safety Commission website prior to holding any event.
  3. Event Safety Clearance must be obtained from Lagos State Safety Commission for any proposed event.
  4. Deep cleaning must be carried out before and after every event.
  5. Occupant limit at any event must not exceed 50% of the maximum design capacity of the hall, and occupant limit sticker must be boldly posted at the entrance of the hall.
  6. A minimum of 1.5 metres distance should be maintained between seated guests and a maximum numbers of seated guests should be determined by the size of the table.
  7. Event duration should not exceed a maximum period of 6-hours.
  8. All guests and service providers at the event must wear a nose mask or face shield before entry. During the 6-hour period, seated guests may safely remove their masks at short intervals, but must endeavour to wear their masks when leaving their seats.
  9. All guests and service providers must endeavour to wash their hands before entering the venue or use hand sanitizers after which temperature checks should be carried out.
  10. Guests and service providers with high temperature (above 37.5) must be politely denied turned back and referred to paramedics or the emergency response team on ground.
  11. Hand sanitizers to be positioned at the entry point and different spots within the hall.
  12. Restrooms must not be crowded. A maximum of three people at a time depending on the number of conveniences available.
  13. Ensure frequent disinfection of all high touch areas such as doorknobs, toilet flush buttons/levers, stair railings, amongst others especially in rest rooms.
  14. All event planners and/or direct clients to ensure they have access to their guest lists and be willing to provide the list to the relevant authorities if/when required. This is required for ease of contact tracing of a COVID-19 positive guest.
  15. All event centers must have access to clean running water.
  16. All event centers must endeavor to display standard COVID-19 safety signs. The signs must be bold and installed at conspicuous locations.
  17. Music level should not exceed 70dB.
  18. Safety moments/briefings should be rendered before the start of every event and .at certain intervals in-between the events.
  19. Any guest returning to the venue must wear face mask, wash his/her hands or use the hand sanitizer and go through the temperature check before entering the venue again.
  20. Event planners/Vendors would be responsible for any breach of protocols by their staff.
  21. HSE officer of an event center must be trained on basic first aid procedures. All staff must also be educated on simple COVID-19 symptoms.
  22. Any violation of this protocol shall attract fines and penalties in line with the Lagos State Infectious Diseases Control Regulation 2020.