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Eko Event Safety

The Eko Event Safety was established in 2016 to create awareness and promotion of safety standards in the Events and Entertainment industry.

The Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC) is the Government agency interested in the overall safety of Lagosians and we work with the LSC to ensure proper event safety, by providing the necessary safety management tools to ensure that event centers and events are properly certified in a quick, easy and affordable manner.

The event organizer, whether individual or group will be held responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of everyone working at, or attending the event. It is of fundamental importance that safety management should start at the same time as planning for all the other aspects of a proposed event. It is therefore imperative that promoters, production companies, event organizers, and contractors are clear as to the legal responsibilities that each may have in relation to compliance with safety regulations.

At this junction, we would like to seek the cooperation of all stakeholders in the events and entertainment industry in achieving the goal of a safer Lagos.

Best Regards,

Dr. Wale Adeboje

Eko Event Safety Administrator

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