POST COVID-19 Reopening

  • Mass Gatherings during COVID 19 Pandemic can have serious public health consequences and there is documented evidence that mass gatherings can increase the spread of infectious diseases, such as corona viruses. The under listed outlines the key considerations for the various sectors under Mass Gatherings and Entertainment in the context of the COVID 19, and it must be strictly adhered to.


  • Every event must be registered with the Lagos State Government via the platform provided, within a 2 week period before the event.
  • There must be an assigned person nominated from the organizing Team/Event Center that would liaise with the Government in order to obtain a clearance for the event after satisfying the process for certification.
  • The decision to proceed, restrict, modify, postpone or cancel the event after a thorough risk assessment solely lies with the Government. 
  • The risk assessment should be undertaken by the event planner via the platform provided by the government
  • The Comprehensive risk assessment report generated must be reviewed by the Government with representatives of the organizing team before a final decision on the event is communicated to the organizing team.
  • The operational plans for the health and security services must include strategies to tackle the challenges of spread of  COVID 19 in accordance with NCDC guidelines on COVID-19
  • Specific  Considerations for Events during reopening Post-COVID-19 lockdown are;
    1. Crowd Capacity must be limited to one-fifth (1/5) of the approved Occupancy Limit of the Event Center by the Government and a maximum of 250 attendees.
    2. Handshakes and “high fives” are not permitted at event venues and it should be discouraged by displaying signs 
    3. Safety Moment is a must and it must include “how to avoid the spread of COVID-19”
    4. Seating Arrangement is limited to a maximum of four (4) on a table of normal ten (10) Seating Arrangement, maintaining the social distancing of six (6) feet.
    5. Age Limits for attendees with lower limit of 18 years and highest limit of 60 years. 
    6. All items used in food serving must be plastic disposable and cannot be reused i.e. cups, spoons, plates
    7. Periodic deep cleaning and disinfection of facilities to maintain  clean and hygienic environments
    8. Appropriate screening equipment for COVID-19 Symptoms such as a Contactless Temperature Check must be available for all for entrants into the event premise
    9. Disinfecting Machine is a “must” at the Entrance of the Venue of the event
    10. Noise level must be less than <50 Decibels at the event
    11. A steward must be stationed to open the door throughout the  duration of the event
    12. National Emergency response toll lines must be readily available at event venues
  • The Venue owner and staff must be prepared for the possibility of an outbreak during event and there might be need to provide isolation space within the facility for an identified attendee with possible symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Organizers of Events should continually carry out assessments based on current trends, in order to make informed decisions about whether to postpone, cancel or a significant reduction in the number of attendees, in accordance with the recommended venue capacity limit.
  • Event organizers must plan ways to limit in-person contact for staff supporting the events.